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My First Blog Post

Cultivation is Life

Be yourself; Everyone else is already taken.

— Oscar Wilde.

This is the first post on my new blog. I’m just getting this new blog going, so stay tuned for more. Subscribe below to get notified when I post new updates.


Sketch of a student’s present situation!

Political, Economic and social turmoil across the world takes the future of millions of students into crisis.

They’re getting scared of careers. They’re loosing focus to lead a sustainable fruitful life. UnEmployment causes great depression into their minds.

Their mental health is at stake to fade away across nothing to excel. They’re being into a prone to suicide sometimes. This is very very unfortunate.

As the life of a student is not secured, the future of our nation seems to be ill-nourished.

We, the man of politics should mind the very legacy of students in nation building. So please have a careful look into the matter of UnEmployemnt, students health and sustainability.

Soliciting Your kind support


I’m extremely

Passionate about cultivation of scientific culture to promote positive temperament throughout the remote society for achieving sustainable development goals. Wordsmith. Creative. Poet. News Curator. Script writer. Journalist.

Hi, I am really happy that my poem has been approved by the editorial team at StoryMirror and is now published on their platform.

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A glimpse of my life in a poetic form.


Hi, I am really happy that my poem has been approved by the editorial team at StoryMirror and is now published on their platform.

Please do read my poem and leave your comment, like and rating there. If you like my poem, then please share it with others also.

Here is the link –

Cultivation of scientific culture


Science means special knowledge. When we go through a story, at the end we learn a lesson, a special knowledge which leads us to go forward in our lives. This is called #science .

Nurturing #science  births #positivity . It cultivates #creativity with #simplicity.

Science is not only the builder of this civilization but also it is the moulder of the society to make it something better to live in sustainability.

Seeing is not believing always, says science, it’s to verify everything before we get into something.

Nurturing rationality and enriching the livelihood of people with composing scientific temperament , should be the motto of our lives.

Cultivate scientific thoughts and philosophy to simply build the temple of humanity.

#scicomm #scientifictemperament #sciencecommunication

What is artificial intelligence: a docudrama


It is necessary to compose scientific temperament throughout the society for sustainable development. There should be no doubt about it.

Rationality, simplicity and establishing utmost humanity everywhere in the society is the prime focus of nurturing science and technology.

Ours is an era of advanced technology. Artificial intelligence is doing fantastic job to bring more ease and speed into our daily lives.

Vigyan Prasar , under department of Science and Technology, Government of India and Science Communicators’ Forum, Kolkata are doing outstanding work by producing science drama to communicate, popularize and extend the cultivation of science and technology. All India Radio is the broadcasting partner.

This year science drama on artificial intelligence are being broadcasted in various languages all over the India.

Here’s a drama (audio) , written by me are given in the link.

please listen to it and let me know how do you feel please please please


GLOCAL: Think globally,act locally- Classic mantra for Public relations.


We play various roles in the society. This role playing defines their relationship with others. With each social role one adopts, one’s behaviour changes befitting the expectations of one’s own self and of others.

In this role playing,an individual’s private relationship such as marriage, family, kinship, friendship etc differs from his/her public relationship. Private relationships are more intimate whether Public relationships are more instrumental.

Private relationships are often given or inherited. Being relatively permanent, there are more tolerance for imperfections. In private relationships there’re expectations of loyalty, love, affection,etc. from one’s partner. But in public relationships ,we encounter people who are often very different from us. There’re engagements due to work of benefits. In public relationships we expect for respects. A particular kind of role to be played in public relationships, therefore we’ve to be responsible for what we say. Accountability is also there in public relationships vis-a-vis what to say and what to do.

Private relationships are restricted to small number of intimates, but public relationships are open to a large number of acquaintances. Commonality is there in private relationships, but there’re different people, different views,likings and different ways of participation and Communication in the public relationships.

That’s why Public relation is all about sharing the right information to the right places as well as to the right people to build the brand reputation. We should remember always that public service is about power. It’s also service to the people, society and the nation.
So as to satisfy such high aims we’ve to make highs our thoughts and we’ve to work hard at grassroot level to build a strong base.

In private relationships we find out sameness, but Public relations is full of Diversity. To kiss the diversity we’ve to act locally with global vission. Then we can be able to enrich our public relationships for the betterment of our objectives.

It’s crystal clear that to grow higher we’ve to compose utmost perfection into ground level. Currently more and more corporations are finding it extremely important to analyze the local environmental damage of their companies. To resurrect the damage they’re working harder locally with global vission. Thus the mantra of GLOCAL: THINK GLOBALLY ACT LOCALLY appears.

Brands that aim to reach significant scale inevitably need to do business in markets around the world. But reaching international audiences is often crucial to driving growth and expanding the footprint of your business. As a result of it companies are working nowadays on GLOCAL marketing. It’s a strategy employed by global brands to adopt to local needs. It aims to maintain global brand managing as well as to adopt to the needs of the local culture.

This principle originally began at the grassroot level, however, it’s now a global concept with high importance. It urges people to consider the health of the entire planet and to take actions in their own communities and cities.

It immensely help to shun the keys to a professional survival. The keys to a professional survival are personal, professional and institutional integrity. There’s a famous equation related to it. D+P+V+E=Iii ( individual+institutional), where D for Democracy which denotes justice, impartiality,truth, liberty equity etc. P for Professionalism which denotes merit, competence, quality, self-awareness,self-understanding etc. ,V for Values which denotes moral, ethical, personal values, E for Ethics which denotes ethical conducts, principles, duties, judgement etc. ,and I for Integrity which denotes authentic, sincere, genuine sense of being whole and intact.

To encourage strong public relations GLOCAL is helping very smartly. Accordingly Warren Heaps states, ” It’s really important to recognise that markets are different around the world, and company compensation programs should reflect a balance between global corporate philosophy and local people and culture.”